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Threat Visualization

Threat Visualization

Security Threat Management + Automation


Understanding asset priorities is the key to effective threat management

With the incorporation of IoT devices, coupled with an asynchronous and constantly shifting security patch schedule for every device that connects to your network, it's critical to shift focus from protection and prevention to detection and response. According to Gartner's Earl Perkins, you won't be able to stop every threat; the only way to efficiently manage your cybersecurity environment is to understand asset priorities, and be proactively alerted to their vulnerabilities so you can ensure any potential breaches never reach your highest value assets.

Timely, actionable information about security control defects is invaluable

According to a recent cybersecurity forecast from Gartner, one of the costliest mistakes enterprises make regarding cybersecurity is the lack of early detection tools, which is leading the market to solutions like Cauldron™ to ensure that weaknesses are identified before they're exploited.

Security threats are materializing at an accelerated pace

Breaches today can have a lasting impact on both big and small enterprises alike. In many cases these breaches leave a wake of damage that lasts three-or-more years, and while these threats shift on a daily basis, they're often preventable if you deploy the right automation tools. 

Companies have to keep pace with increasing regulatory compliance requirements

While regulatory compliance requirements constantly shift, it's extremely difficult to ensure that all endpoints meet regulatory requirements. Cauldron™ is designed to help handle the prioritization of remediation efforts for HIPAA, PCI, SOX, ISO 27001, Cybersecurity Framework and other regulatory (or best practice) compliance, without the need to review each specific endpoint.

IoT devices pose a significant threat to the cybersecurity landscape

More and more IoT devices are being connected to our managed networks, and they're often the hidden weakest link. These devices are often added without consent, and typically receive the fewest, if any, security patches over the air. Without security automation tools like Cauldron™, even the most resilient networks are highly susceptible to breach via IoT devices that otherwise go undetected.