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CyVision: The Trusted Partner to Help State and Local Governments Protect Your Most Valuable Assets

With remote access to municipal cyber networks on the rise, state and local governments are more exposed to cyberattacks than ever before. The vulnerabilities go well beyond your network, they impact the very core of the services you provide and put the livelihood of the communities you serve at significant risk: children, hospitals, public safety, and critical municipal infrastructure – valuable assets that must be protected now.

Even before COVID-19, cyberattacks on municipal systems and infrastructure were increasing at alarming rates with devastating consequences, like these:

  • Cyberattackers compromised energy distribution affecting multiple substations and leaving thousands without electricity
  • Cyberterrorists activated emergency sirens in the middle of the night, frightening residents and resulting in thousands of 911 calls

In the wake of COVID-19, state and local governments across the nation are reeling from considerable budget deficits – forcing them to do more with less – while still following a cyber “Duty of Care” which mandates the continued evolution of cyber practices.

CyVision Delivers MORE

The CyVision Enhanced Cyber Vulnerability Assessment Service was designed as a MORE affordable, fixed-cost solution for municipalities struggling to navigate unprecedented uncertainties and mounting financial demands – while needing to invest NOW in protecting cyber networks, and in turn their most valuable assets.

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