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Many business owners think that they’re less of a target for cybercriminals simply because they’re too small or don’t believe they have the critical assets that would be the focus of a cyberattack. Business owners and senior managers are often so busy concentrating on driving revenue and nurturing customer relationships, the last thing that they think about is cybersecurity. In addition, in an environment of tight budgets, given the decision between investment in new technology versus robust security software, they’ll often choose the one that will drive the most revenue.

In fact, a recent CNBC article reported that 43% of cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses. The same article cited a 2019 SMB Cyberthreat Study that noted some 66% of senior decision-makers believe they are unlikely to be targeted for cyberattacks. At the same time, 6 in 10 have no digital defense plan in place.

No company is immune to cyberattacks. Sophisticated cybercriminals are looking for any opportunity to cause a digital disruption – no matter how small or large the company – with the potential for seriously damaging consequences.

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For small- to medium-sized businesses, it’s no longer a matter of if a cybersecurity threat will occur, it’s a matter of when. Now is the time to take an affordable and foundational step in ensuring your business is protected from cyberattacks.

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