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CyVision: The Trusted Partner to Help Public Safety Organizations Protect Your Most Valuable Assets

Maintaining public trust. Now more than ever, it’s fundamental to successful law enforcement and public safety. People entrust police, sheriffs, agents with the critical details of crime and victimization, expecting it to be held in the strictest of confidence. In fact, many states have laws to protect information and details of juvenile crimes as well as sexual assault and domestic violence victims. In addition, witness identity, testimony, and crucial evidence retained in data systems under the custody of law enforcement and district attorneys’ offices are essential to public safety. Interconnected data systems, such as NCIC, III, and IAFIS all require security protocols.

Today’s cybercriminals are focused on creating the most havoc and disruption as possible. The impact on public safety could be devastating. The loss of confidential data, and consequentially, public trust, would dramatically impact the ability to keep communities safe – which at this critical time, is not a risk that public safety departments should take.

Possessing a deep understanding of the unique cyber threats facing law enforcement today, our CyVision public safety practice is informed by law enforcement executives with deep knowledge of the cyber landscape. CyVision is a trusted partner to help protect your most important information assets.

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The technology utilized in the CyVision Enhanced Cyber Vulnerability Assessment Service was designed for the Department of Homeland Security with public safety in mind. It is a MORE affordable, fixed-cost solution to help public safety departments invest NOW in protecting their cyber networks, and, in turn, the critical information they maintain and the critical assets they protect.

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