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CyVision: The Trusted Partner to Help School Districts Protect Your Most Valuable Assets

Every education institution relies on computer network connectivity to collaborate, create and instruct the next generation. Reliance on a network enables students and teachers to be their best, but at the same time presents a danger to their security of the school system, not to mention that constituents they serve.

As distance learning becomes more commonplace – especially in light of the recent pandemic – education-sector cyber vulnerabilities are becoming more evident. In fact, under the U.S. Department of Education Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), school district funding can be jeopardized if a district does not take “reasonable measures” to protect personal student education records. These “reasonable measures” include network assessments to identify the critical vulnerabilities of the district.

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The CyVision Enhanced Cyber Vulnerability Assessment Service was designed as a MORE affordable, fixed-cost solution to help school districts who need to invest NOW in protecting cyber networks, and, in turn, their most valuable assets.

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