CyVision: The Trusted Partner to Help Healthcare Organizations Protect Your Most Valuable Assets

Healthcare organizations of all shapes and sizes – from primary care and specialty practices to urgent care centers and local community hospitals – face the potential for cybersecurity threats that can expose critical patient information and put patient safety and confidentiality at significant risk.

Considering that healthcare organizations possess information of considerable value, they are very vulnerable to cyberattack.

Beyond a patient’s medical history contained, healthcare organizations possess patient healthcare insurance information, credit card accounts, social security numbers, and more. At the larger hospitals, cyberattacks can expose intellectual property related to medical research and innovation.

Being proactive to identify critical vulnerabilities before cyber attackers do, is critical to healthcare organizations large or small. One small cyber disruption can have a big impact on clinical outcomes, and the overall health of your organization.

CyVision Delivers MORE

Just as practicing preventative medicine can have long-term health benefits and lower the cost of care, so to can taking a proactive step in identifying your most critical cyber vulnerabilities.  Look at the CyVision Enhanced Cyber Vulnerability Assessment Service as preventative care for your cyber networks helping you proactively protect the health and safety or your organization and the patients you serve.

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