Firmware Scanning Service

Why Do I Need Firmware Scanning?

Firmware provides command-and-control functions before the operating system begins. Hackers with access to modify firmware, without your permission or knowledge, can operate without detection.

Typically, vendors update or “patch” firmware remotely. This method of access can create a tunnel for cyber abuse. In fact, the recent SolarWinds Breach resulted from a patch update. Not performing firmware scanning can create a significant gap in a cybersecurity compliance program. While technologies to scan endpoints and ACL devices for vulnerabilities are pervasive, firmware scanning solutions are not commonplace, yet still mandated. In fact, NIST 800.53 and CMMC require firmware management.

It is not uncommon for the suggested controls related to firmware to be ignored due to a lack of detection technology. Until Now!

Introducing the CyVision Firmware Scanning Service – Smarter, Safer, More Secure!

CyVision’s Firmware Scanning Service offers a smarter, safer and more secure methodology for detecting, reporting and giving suggested remediation steps for vulnerabilities in your firmware. 

Using self-erasing agent-based technology, CyVision scans your targeted IP addresses for firmware that is either not current and/or has been altered or modified from vendor standards.  In the overall cyber services spectrum, this is a unique, necessary, and powerful capability.

Firmware scanning of endpoints, servers and selected firewalls, routers and switches are our primary focus.  The entire universe of chips includes many IoT devices. During this stage, we focus on IT-based systems, rather than spreading valuable resources over all chips in the system.

Customized Approaches to Meet Your Organization and Compliance Needs

Depending upon your certification requirements, we strongly suggest assessing a representative sample of your end point configurations along with your high- value assets. Here are just a few ways that CyVision can engage with you to support critical firmware scanning:

One-Time Scan

as firmware vulnerabilities are a new and expanding aspect of cybersecurity, the most cost-effective method for discovery is a targeted one-time scan of a percentage of overall assets.

For instance, if your organization has 2,000 IPs, consider scanning a subset of 20% (400) or a list of high-value assets. Even by scanning just a small a subset, you will receive a powerful, realistic reading on your potential threat exposure.

  • Should no compromised firmware be found, we strongly encourage you to be proactive in repeating a firmware scan on an annual basis.
  • Should the scan identify compromised firmware, only then would we recommend a full firmware scan to more accurately address overall organizational exposure.

Either way, performing a one-time firmware scan allows you to achieve
compliance requirements in various frameworks.

Annual Subscription

enterprise clients with mission-critical needs are best served by using the agent-based solution for continuous firmware monitoring. The scanning happens automatically and is updated often to keep your systems safe and efficient. There is no need to remember, schedule or worry about next steps.


enhanced firmware vulnerability assessment services are available to blend endpoint configuration and patch data with Access Control Lists (ACLs).

CyVision will visualize and prioritize results based upon the NIST Risk Equation. Your firmware scan results are then integrated into a common visualization and reporting system so that not only the primary system is reviewed, but the overall grouping of systems are addressed.

Comprehensive Reporting That Will Help You Remediate Risks

CyVision’s Firmware Scanning technology will interrogate devices and chipsets within the device to reveal aberrations in firmware that may signal risk and compliance-related inconsistencies.

CyVision will deliver a comprehensive array of reports that can help cyber managers identify the nature of the problems while recommending specific courses of action to remediate. Here are just some of the specific outputs of a CyVision Firmware Scan:

  • Detailed Dashboard showing the devices, risks and compliance issues
  • Detailed device listing showing product, update status and risk
  • Detailed device-by-device view
  • Detailed view and report of existing vulnerabilities
  • Compliance control reporting
  • Detailed listing of known threats
  • Recommended next steps and fixes

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