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We’re witnessing an acceleration of the digital transformation. The dramatic increase in remote network access has put businesses, organizations and institutions, of all shapes and sizes, at significant risk of cyberattack.

At the same time, cyber criminals are increasing in numbers and sophistication and are poised for attack. No organization is immune. Protecting your network from malicious, terroristic cyberattacks is not only critical to avoid the costlyconsequences of massive disruption, it’s even more important to preserving the trust of the publics you serve.

The CyVision Enhanced Cyber Vulnerability Assessment Service is the first and foundational step in protecting your network. It’s a simple, powerful, affordable diagnostic service that identifies, visualizes, and prioritizes your critical cyber vulnerabilities … delivering MORE than any other assessment service in as little as 5 days.


“Our nation faces serious and evolving cyber threats. As cyber and physical systems become more interconnected, the digital attack surface is extending further into our daily lives, with the potential for malicious cyber actors to  create dangerous, real-world effects.”

Report to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security – 11.14.19

Organizations to Increase Cybersecurity Spending by 70%*

Ideally, cybersecurity should stay one step ahead of technology. However, as a result of the recent coronavirus pandemic and the increasing need for remote access technologies, technological innovation is accelerating while cybersecurity remains one step behind. It’s a very risky combination that opens the gateway for today’s sophisticated cybercriminals and increased cyber vulnerabilities.

For this reason, and so many others, cybersecurity shouldn’t be an afterthought. It should be at the forefront of operational priorities. No industry is immune from cyber vulnerabilities. Organizations must act quickly to protect themselves against the high levels of cyber risk thrust on them in this “new normal.” It’s why, according to Security magazine, organizations plan to increase their cybersecurity spending by 70%.

A CyVision Enhanced Cyber Vulnerability Assessment is an affordable, foundational service that can help ensure you get the best return on your increased cybersecurity investment.

*Security, May 21, 2020

Let CyVision Help You Focus on Cybersecurity

Leveraging military-grade cybersecurity technologies designed for the Department of Homeland Security, to help you quickly identify and prioritize critical cybersecurity vulnerabilities for immediate remediation.


CyVision analyzes and organizes three-dimensions of cybersecurity data including scan data, access control lists (ACLs) and log/big data

MORE Accuracy

Integrating endpoint data with ACLs reduces false positives to present a better security profile

MORE Reporting

Actionable, insightful reports that deliver critical information, not just data, are customized to the needs of each stakeholder

MORE Efficiency

 Assessment is performed via remote access and delivered in just five business days

MORE Value

More comprehensive, moreaccurate, and more affordable than any other assessment service on the market today

How CyVision Works

Utilizing a powerful, patented combination of data assessment tools, CyVision provides the answers to these critical questions …

  • Where am I exposed
  • What do we do first?
  • How can I improve our overall Security profile?


CyVision gathers and aggregates scan data, ACLs and log/big data – including Pen tests


We visualize your network and translate critical findings into simple, easy to understand illustrations


Advanced analytics prioritize the hierarchy of cyber vulnerabilities – identifying high-valued assets directly or indirectly at risks

Cyber Attackers Know No Bounds

For cyber attackers, no industry is off limits. CyVision has the experience, expertise and, importantly, the knowledge of industry-specific compliance and regulatory requirements, to support clients across numerous industry segments.

Featured Industries

State and Local Government

With remote access to municipal cyber networks on the rise, state and local governments are more exposed to cyberattack than ever before. The CyVision Assessment Service was designed as a MORE affordable, fixed-cost solution for municipalities struggling to navigate unprecedented uncertainties and mounting financial demands – while needing to invest NOW in protecting cyber networks, and in turn their most valuable assets.


Public Safety

Maintaining public trust. Now more than ever, it’s fundamental to successful law enforcement and public safety. The technology utilized in the CyVision Enhanced Cyber Vulnerability Assessment Service was designed for the Department of Homeland Security with public safety in mind. It is a MORE affordable, fixed-cost solution to help public safety departments invest NOW in protecting their cyber networks, and, in turn, the critical information they maintain and the critical assets they protect.

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